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Ashray Waterjet Cutting Services is located in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune.

Our Sister Concerns : Shreeji Waterjet, Mumbai & Balaji Waterjet, Ahmedabad

We offer Waterjet Technology based cutting solutions to requirement of industry specific needs. Ashray Waterjet offers the flexibility to cut various materials like stainless steel, mild steel, copper, bronze, brass, hardox, aluminium, titanium and a host of difficult materials with high precision and saving raw material wastage. We also provide value added services like cutting artistic shapes and designs in steel. We can make inlay work in tiles, decorative grills, name plate, borders, floor design, & engineering Parts as per your design or drawing.

The core concept is that most small and medium players in the industry cannot afford to buy water jet cutting machine due to high capital investment. Our company will bridge this gap through its cnc waterjet profile cutting service offerings.

Cut any metal or non-metal up to 200 mm thickness with high pressure abrasive CNC water jet cutting machine. Capacity of our Bed size is 3 mtr x 3 mtr. Load a maximum plate size of 3 mtr x 9 mtr. Profile Cutting, Straight Cutting, Letter Cutting, Metal Cutting, Mild Steel (M.S. /MS), Stainless Steel (S.S. / SS), Architect, Interior designer are welcome to cut their any profile with CNC water jet cutting & so many more with CNC Water Jet Profile cutting machine.

CNC Waterjet Profile Cutting Services

Ashray Waterjet is stands for metal cutting, glass cutting, stone cutting, food cutting, steel cutting. Speed, Productivity and Efficiency are benefits of waterjet cutting. We use KMT Water Jet pump 'The Most Recognized Waterjet Pump in the World', We can handle sheet metal size upto 9000 mm (9mtr) in length.

  • Pure Waterjet Cutting

    This Cutting method is primarily used for cutting soft materials such as rubber, foam, gasket, leather, textiles, foodstufs and many other similar materials. Normal tap water is pressurized at ultra-high pressure levels, and forced through a small precious stone orifice to form an intense cutting stream, the jet stream moves at a velocity of up to 2.5 times the speed of sound, creating the ability to cut at very high feed rates. The rates very according to the material being cut.

  • Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

    For your hard materials that cannot be machined with water only the water nozzle nut is replaced with the Active IDE abrasive cutting head the high velocity waterjet creates a vacuum which pulls the abrasive into a mixing chamber, producing a coherent, exteremely energic abrasive jet stream. This process is ideal for cutting intrecate patterns in sheet metals, composites, decorative stone, synthetic ceramics, glass etc.


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We are a young, progressive and highly creative team. Our main task is uncommon approach to each project and to each client. Our office is located in Chinchwad. We will be glad to cooperate and to offer you the best, modern and creative solutions to bring your ideas to life. Take a look:


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    Gat 80, Plot A/2, Jyotiba- -Nagar, Bhalekar Chowk, Talawade, Pimpri-Chinchwad Pune - 411062, Maharashtra - INDIA.

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